Sunday, July 14, 2013

0 parting is such sweet sorrow

hi guys! for all of you who have been visiting/following this blog, I have migrated to !

Yes, I have my own domain now! I'm so exited! I have also imported the contents of this blog there so most of my posts can also be found there.

I have been with blogger ever since I first created a blog but now i'm moving to wordpress. Hope to see you around :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

0 Weekend blast!

This weekend was the best I had in a long time. Been busy with so many things but I am not tired. In fact, I feel relaxed. Im in nirvana. Emotional High!~ LOL! 


Weekend blast started on Saturday afternoon. I get to bowl with my ex projectmates at coronado lanes, starmall. We haven't seen each other for quite a while so it was a nostalgic seeing them again.We joined our company's bowling tournament for fun. Personally, I am not playing bowling regularly and the tournament was just my second time to play but I was glad that our team captain told me that I look like I was playing for a long time already. stance and all. Yay! My shots have directions, he said. Also, First strike for me! :)

It was a new experience for me too and I enjoyed it. Hopefully we win. Go expendabowls! Played 2 sets by the way so my right arm is kinda sore.

bownling coronado lanes, starmall
After our bowl, I went straight home and decided to draw. My drawing is becoming rusty so i really need to practice. I just settled with a character design headshot. Will try dynamic poses if I have the time to draw again. ^_^ anyway, below is a picture of my drawing. I also get to write a short piece again yesterday and watch a movie(Shadow of a doubt - alfred hitchcock 1943). Horray for creative Saturdays!

character design
original character design


I get to meet with a good friend so we can go to a surprise party for our officemate. I miss talking to her so I was happy to see her again. The surprise party was arranged by her boyfriend by the way. <3 We had a blast at the surprise party as we get to be kids again. we played games, ate and fooled around. The mascot was creppy. lol. When we asked for a picture, nagadik na si Jollibee. See proof below.  


After the party, I decided to register for the MILO marathon 10k run. Was supposed to just register for 5k but the singlet for the 5k was unavailable. So there, 10k :) Goodluck to my 2 feet on July 28. 

I also shopped (more like splurged) a little at forever 21. I need to balance my sexuality, being a girl and all as much as I dont want to. Just joking!

After registering and shopping, I met up with a friend and to watch despicable me 2. Our first attempt was at SM noth cinema but the tickets are all sold out. We decided to go to Trinoma since its just near. It was also a fail. We decided to try for the last time at Shang rila cinema since it is nearer my house and if there are no seats, we will just go home and call it a day. Luckily there are still available seats for the 9:00pm slot. 

Despicable me 2 is just pure awesome! Hands down! been laughing the whole freaking time. Pharell Williams did a great job at the music. Makes me wanna groove to the songs. The cuteness of agnes and the minions are a complete package. Cuteness overload! :)


That is how my weekend ended. I had so much fun! hopefully the next weekend will be as awesome as this week! Keeping my fingers crossed! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013


I was alone
you came along

I was unsure of you
You were persistent

I was miserable
you were happy

I was cautious
You were carefree

I opened up
We became close

I cried
You were there

I was pouring my heart out
You seem distant

I have questions
You never answered

I held on to illusions
of vague familiarity

I missed you
You never seem to care

I was unsure
Yet you were confident

I was attached
You grew distant

I fell
you moved on

Monday, June 24, 2013

0 Zombie Apocalypse

Just watched World War Z a while ago and I am still experiencing residual effects of the movie and no, this is not a review about the movie. With the prevalence of zombie stories everywhere, The walking dead (Series), High School of the dead (manga), zombieland (movie), resident evil franchise (game/movie), last of us (game), its hard not to think that what if there came a time where the world will be crawling with the undead? I shudder to think what will happen to us if ever that came true.

Still, what if it came true? what am I gonna do? Where am I gonna go? Am I prepared for a zombie apocalypse? this question has been bogging me for quite some time now. So here is personal list of things that I need to accomplish pre and during apocalypse stage:


     Most, if not all zombie movie contains car sequence. and face it, going on wheels covers more area than on foot and though its noisy, its still faster than hordes of running zombies. Plus, it offers additional protection from zombies trying to infect you. Also, its kinda badass to know how to drive. Simple as that.


     Keeping zombies away from you as far as possible is one of the basic things to remember in every zombie movie I watched so melee weapons that still offer quite a distance from zombies are your best shot if ever you cant get your hands on guns, arrows and other long range weapons.


     Aside from knowing how to shoot a gun, you should also know how to shoot a moving target. This will be particularly helpful when you are running for your dear life while still wanting to kill zombies.


     This I am doing now. lol. you must have the energy and stamina to run for miles and miles, not to mention run fast as crazed zombies can reaalllyy run fast if they are after you. Either your brain is tasty or they are reaalllyy hungry all the time. Though I doubt that they are picky when it comes to food. as long as its healthy, scared and can reallly scream loud, they will come after you.


     During the infestation, you should find a safehouse to rest, restock, and keep the children safe. This will also serve as your fortress. You still need to get enough rest to have the energy to fight zombies right?


     Having a buddy to talk to, to share thoughts, to plan attacks or other things with can really help with your sanity. Being alone for a long time can really take its toll on your mental health. Having someone around, even just a presence of someone normal, increases your chances of survival. You can cover each other's back, help in your decision making, etc. A lot better if you can find a group of maybe around 5-6 persons. That number is quite enough I think. not too crowded, not too few. Having someone to protect also helps. You tend to be rational in your decision making.

So thats it for my survival guide. What are you going to do if a zombie apocalypse ever happen? Additional thoughts are always welcome. :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013


today started out fine. Dragged myself out of bed so that I can go to my dentist appointment. Bummer. Like, its one of those days where you just want to lie in bed the whole day and listen to your music player and be lazy.

Going to my dentist, I usually ride a jeepney and then the MRT but today, I kinda want to just take it slow and chillax. You get what I mean? Well anyway, I decided to ride the bus after the jeepney. It was a sssllloooowww ride so I got to think about many things. Nothing in particular though, just random bits and pieces here and there.

When I finally arrived at my dentist though, he already left! twice in a row! I haven't had a checkup in three months already so it was really depressing :(

Anyway, instead of sulking and having BV all throughout the day, I decided to just make the most of it. I decided to go to Megamall to checkout headphones as I've been itching to get one for a week now. This was triggered when my ever trusted Phillips SHQ1000 Actionfit sports waterproof headset broke down. (You will forever be remembered and loved ).

I've searched far and wide, (medyo OA) and finally settled for the  Philips ONEILL over ear Green headphones. You can find reviews of this product online as i'm in no position to review headphones but personally, I like the sound quality of this one. I was deciding between the stretch and the shibuya but the stretch won me over. Shibuya is the blue one below.

Philips Stretch

Philips Stretch

Philips Shibuya

While I was in the process of chosing between the two headphones, I decided to drop by globe center to settle some balances, and things about my plan. The wait was freaking long. Like, there are just 6 people ahead of me and it took me and hour and a half to be served. Luckily I was in no hurry.

So after buying my headphone I decided to chill by Starbucks shaw, my favorite chill spot. This is where I go if I want to think about my life, what to do with it and plan my future. Went there at around 4:30pm and was shocked to see so many people. Its usually not that crowded there at around that time so I was kinda disappointed. That didnt stop me from receding to my own world though. One mocha cookie crumble venti frappe and I was in my own thoughts. Thought of many things, planned and set my goal for the duration of the year, made a poem, updated my playlist and watched a movie. By the time that I got back to reality, the people were gone. Only a couple of customers were left. I didn't even noticed the thinning crowd in the coffee shop. I was that absorbed with myself. not in an obsessive, narcissistic way mind you, but in a way that I am in my own thoughts. 

I deeply treasure times like that where I get to know myself more and just enjoy my company. Yes I'm an introvert but that does not mean that I don't enjoy being around people. I have a couple of friends that I enjoy being with but I also enjoy being with just myself. 

Then, after some time, I decided to go home, eat dinner, surf the net and write this blogpost about my day. 

So how was your saturday?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

0 Solitude

Recently, I've gone back to reading books more frequently. Thanks to almost every weekend travel trips. lol. I read to pass time while on the road and I can say that the best companion while traveling are books and music players. The inner recesses of  my mind is my happy place and having these two things makes me achieve inner peace.

One of the books I read was "Manuscript found in Accra" by Paulo Coelho. This was gifted to me by one of my best college buds on my birthday. Knowing that it was written by Paulo Coelho, I was sure that this was going to be a nice read. He did not disappoint.

The book contained nuggets of wisdom about many practical things in life. My favorite chapter is the one that deals with solitude. Let me quote some lines from the book:

"Solitude is not the absence of Love, but its complement.

Solitude is not the absence of company, but the moment when our soul is free to speak to us and help us decide what to do with our life.

Therefore, blessed are those who do not fear solitude, who are not afraid of their own company, who are not always desperately looking for something to do, something to amuse themselves with, something to judge.
If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself. “

 Many people often interchange the meaning of solitude and loneliness. Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation and is more likely a negative feeling. Solitude on the other hand is a state of being alone without being lonely. Solitude can be refreshing.

Personally, I enjoy being alone the same way I enjoy being with other people. I don't understand why some people need other people ALL THE TIME to be with them and to accompany them.

Solitude makes me realize many things and help me reflect about my life, where I currently am and what I want to be.

Solitude makes me compose my thoughts, rearrange my life and set goals to accomplish what I want. 

Solitude enables me to know myself better. It lets me be just myself without pretension because of other people. It allows introspection.

It's also during my quiet time that I get to commune with my creator.

Monday, May 27, 2013

0 Lets Celebrate!

May 20, 2013 marks the day that I got to cross out another item on my 30 before 30 list! Yay! 5 out of 30! 25 to go :)

I got to visit Ilocos Norte and I got to say it was an experience I will never forget. ^__^

Keep the good vibes rolling! :)


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