Monday, September 3, 2012

2 30 before 30

Early this year, I chanced upon this travel blog from the sole sisters and ever since then, I was inspired to travel more and see the world. They also inspired me to make a 30 before 30 list. This list,similar to a bucket list, contains 30 things that you want to achieve or places you want to go to before reaching 30 years old. (I'm currently 23 so I still have 7 years to complete! ) Most of the items on the list are related to traveling as this is my current passion today. Some items are things I want to achieve or skills I want to learn before hitting 30. Hopefully I will be able to finish this list before leaving the line of 20s :)

1. set foot at white beach puerto galera
2. Climb on top of a mountain
3. See the Aurora Borealis
4. See masterpieces personally at louve museum
5. See paris on top of the eifel tower
6. Walk on the great wall of china
7. Cuddle a baby panda.
8. See and take a picture with the statue of Hachiko at shibuya
9. See coron, el nido, puerto princesa palawan
10. Find a job at the beach and stay there for two months
11. Go to hong kong disney land
12. Go on an impromptu road trip w/o a destination
13. Go on a vigan, pagudpod, laoag tour (05-20-2013)

14. Go on a cebu-bohol tour
15. learn and be good at martial arts - taekwondo, karate
16. Be fluent in japanese language
17. win a photography contest / get a photo published in a travel magazine
18. Have a kiddie birthday party again
19. Learn how to drive and own my first car
20. go on a month-long vacation
21. Travel solo locally and abroad
22. Go on a carribean cruise
23. see baby turtles/pawikans hatch from egg and crawl to the ocean.
24. Go to at least 5 fiestas in the philippines
25. Visit tokyo tower and see sakura blossoms at its finest
26. Tour around osaka and kyoto to see the conservative side of japan
27. See the pyramids at Giza
28. quit my dayjob and start my own business
29. celebrate a white christmas
30. go on a eurotrip/ see at least 5 cities in europe.


  1. Hi Yza. Oh wow, just read number 10. 2 months talaga! Just continue aligning your actions to this list and you will surely achieve them!

    1. Hi Ed! Thanks for dropping by! See? Kaya nung nbasa ko ung post mo super inggit ako.. :( hahaha!



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