Saturday, March 30, 2013

0 The 2000php Baler Challenge

Last March 23-24, me and my office mates decided to go to Baler for the weekend. One of them initiated this challenge- to spend only 1500Php in Baler all in all. Me having gone there once, (and know more or less what we will do, budget and all, *wink* ), opted for the 2000Php challenge.

Baler has a special place in my heart so I know I will always go back there. twice in less than 6 months! imagine! :)

Will write a more detailed blog post about baler but for now, here is a detailed breakdown of our expenses:


Fare from Cubao to Cabanatuan (Aircon)  -------   185.00 Php
Fare from Cabanatuan to Baler (Non-AC)  -------   176.00 Php
Brunch in stopover 278.00 Php 69.50 Php
Tryke from Bus station to  Resort 45.00 Php 11.25 Php
Room good for 4 persons 2000.00 Php 500.00 Php
Baler tour 800.00 Php 200.00 Php
Dinner     325.00 Php 65.00 Php
Socials after dinner   210.00 Php 52.50 Php 
Bfast at Bays Inn - Buffet
150.00 Php
Lunch   300.00 Php 75.00 Php
Fare from Baler to Cabanatuan (Aircon)  -------   247.00 Php
Fare from Cabanatuan to Shaw Blvd  -------   196.00 Php

1927.25 Php


0 Happy Birthday!

Happy 10th birthday biboy

This blogpost is a tribute to my baby dear, biboy, who is celebrating her 10th birthday today. I decade of her life shared with us. She had been with us since I was in first year high school. She is a second generation pet as her mother was my first pet kitty. She had been a witness to all my teenage angst, rebellious years and all heartaches since my first boyfriend. She had been my pillow in nights when all I want to do is breakdown and cry. I think she had seen me cry more than any other human being alive. lol. She knows when to make lambing in times when I am down. Cause most of the time she is this mataray type. Haha. We also had our share of love-hate relationship. Through all the scratch marks, bite marks and pagtatarays I received, I still love you dearly from the bottom of my heart.

To my friend, my pet, my furry little sister, I hope we can still spend more time with each other. I know you are nearing your twilight years but I do hope we can still count years and years of being together. You will always have a special place in my heart that no other himan being can ever replace. You made it to 10 years old, is another 10 years with you too much to ask?

The Bleh Pose

Friday, March 29, 2013

0 Good Friday

bits and pieces of what transpired this good friday.

I woke up at around 6 in the morning with thoughts of running in greenhills. Figured that it was still early to go out ( I will run alone so I was kinda scared to go out :P ) so I slept again.

woke up at around 8 in the morning. Perfect time. Got up, prepared and went out the door.

Normal route was take a jeepney to wilson, jog from wilson to greenhills then run around depending on my mood how many times then jog from greenhills to wilson and ride a jeepney home.

As I think I mentioned in my other blogpost, running makes me think about many things in my life and also get a glimpse of what people are doing in their everyday lives.

Thought number 1:

because lately I have been used to running at night, I had no idea that the sun at 8am can be so hot. And I'm not being maarte here. I used to run before at 8am and the sun is not that hot. by hot here im not saying about the tolerable-healty-for-your skin hot. more like the 12nn-skin-cancer-nakakaitim type of hot. At 8AM! what happened? because of summer? global warming? ozone layer thinning and thinning by the minute? imagine what will happen 10 years from now? extreme hotness? ookayy.. panic mode here.. brain turned on hyperdrive. seriously though, by the trend we are seeing, it is definitely getting hotter and hotter as the years go by. what will happen to our planet 5, 10, 15 years from now? will the fall of mankind start? will the earth cease to exist? will zombies begin to evolve? everything is possible right?

anyway, next time I run in the morning, I will put on sunblock. I think I turned one to two shades darker because of yesterday. Not that I care about that though. I'm more concerned about having skin cancer. and yes, thats how paranoid I am.

Thought number 2:

On the way to greenhills, many people I pass by says 'Hi' or people from cars blow their horns and smile or wave at you. Usually, I get irritated by this unwanted attention. Like, why cant people just leave me alone and get on with their lives. I had many scary stories from similar incidents so I'm still kinda scared and cautious towards people, mostly from guys.  So when this particular person greeted me, I was surprised because I had this sudden urge to smile at him. Like someone was telling me to do that. That person was a security guard from Greenhills west by the way. So when I smiled at him he said 'jogging maam? ingat po kayo.' I was speechless. so I just nod and said thanks. In that incident, I realized that generalizing or stereotyping people is not healthy. Why avoid people because of just one, two or three incidents that happened? incidents that made you lose hope in mankind altogether. Everyone is different. Because of avoiding people due to past incidents, you also lose the chance to meet good people. People that will change your thinking about the negativity of people.

Because of that particular incident, I'm now trying to be more open towards other people. Of course, you still need to be cautious because you may never know. baka pakitang tao lang ang pinapakita sayo. Still, just try to give your trust on others more. :)

Thought number 3:

Good friday. best day to reflect about your spiritual life. where am I with my relationship with my Heavenly Father? Am I living my life according to His purpose in me? Am I being a good example to other people and do they see God in my life? I know I'm not perfect. Well, nobody is. But I'm trying my best. Still, I think what I'm doing now is not enough. Sometimes I fail and give in and let negative thoughts to permeate through my brain. Sometimes getting the best of me. But I know that God is with me and never will He abandon me or forsake me. Thats how much He loves me, His daughter, His princess.

More or less, these are the things that occupied my mind during good friday.

Ending this post with a resolution to be more positive towards everything. :)

0 Waiting For You

I will wait for you.. and i will wait patiently..
I know you are just around the corner. Maybe we have already met, maybe not.
In God's perfect time, I know we will eventually be together.
He is currently writing my love story, the most perfect love story for you and me.
I know when we get together, everything will fall in to place.
No complications and issues whatsoever.
may our love story be like ruth and boaz, jacob and rachel, 
so sweet and true till the end of time.
You will be that someone who brings me closer to Him.
Jesus will be the center of our relationship.
I am trying to remain pure and holy only for you
 and I know everything is all going to be worth it.
Cause when the time comes that you will bring me to the altar, 
you will face it with your head held high.
though there are times when things get compromised, but with God's grace, 
I was able to make it by somehow.

To you who is the one for me, if you seek Him, and found Him, He will definitely give you the keys to my heart.

So for now, may my love not awaken until it so desires, until you and i are ready,
ill be here waiting for you patiently..

0 Child's Play: valentines 2013

Valentines 2013 is the first valentines after 6 years that I get to spend as single. I've been with relationship after relationship that I got used to having a special someone around for valentines. This year is different: I have no one to spend it with. But you see, God has this special sense of humor. God made me realize that love has many other forms. that it is not only for your special someone, better half, boyfriend or whatever you want to call them. Love is a general feeling, emotion or affection you share with other people: even strangers.

February 14, 2013. Me and my office mates decided to go to UP fair. The line-up that day was sooo gooood! up dharma down, urbandub, kamikazee, itchyworms, giniling festival, moonstar 88, sandwich, franco and ang bandang shirley, they had me at Up dharma down. :) Feb 14 is a working day so unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, we left the office late, around 9pm. + travel time and all, we arrived there at around 11PM. Long story short, when we arrived, the tickets are already sold out. :( We tried looking for scalpers at the front gate but sadly, none could be found.

Crestfallen, we decided to just stay for a while and think of what to do next. That was the time I spotted this little girl playing in the field. See picture below. haha :)

 Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

I saw her playing with her toy and had this urge to get to know her. I went up to her and asked for her basic information. Her name, where she lived, and why is she there. (It was12MN and she is outside. alone.) after all the introductions done, we just played with each other. we played with her toy, (second picture from here. dunno what its called. :) ) we played tag, and laughed to our hearts content. As I was playing with her 2 other kids came to us - one was her brother.

Children playing
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Playing with these kids made me miss being a child again. Just enjoying what life has to offer, not caring about anything else. As we grow older, we think of many other things that we think are essential in our everyday lives but upon closer introspection, those essential things are just trivial matters.

Photo Credits: 
Daryl Lapuz

Eventhough we were not able to go in the fair and watch the bands play, I still had a lot of fun. I might say that Valentines 2013 is the best valentines I had so far. :) God really moves in mysterious ways.

Raphael again
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Kim and Raph
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Me with Kim
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

The overpriced heart shaped balloon. lol. But its worth it. made a kid smile. that is priceless.
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Kim and her toy
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Saturday, March 16, 2013

0 Black and White

Why do some people have this irritating habit of not saying what they really mean? I mean, why not just say things straight to the point instead of beating around the bush? Is it that hard to do? Why do you have to deceive others that you mean one thing but what you really meant was the opposite? Do you get what I'm saying? or am I being difficult too?


If you don't want to continue what you are saying then STFU and don't open the topic. It's frustrating you know?! You have spiked our interest and then withdraw the whole thing. It's like your in the middle of watching a (insert favorite TV program, sports match or whatever interest you most) and then suddenly, *suspense* BLACKOUT! what would you feel? happy? I doubt. Frustration to the highest level.

The world would be a better place if people would just stop pretending something they are not and accept the fact that we are all unique individuals and that you don't need to kiss-ass someone to be friends with them. Just be yourself. Things will be simpler that way. Trust me. Be black and white. In the first place, why would you do something just to please others? Why waste your time on them when you can spend time on improving yourself instead? Are they really worth the effort? Can't you just enjoy life by yourself? Are you that weak that you cant even stand on your own two feet?

Just some random thoughts from a very melancholic mind.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

0 Sunrise

this was taken on 03-02-2013 on the way to Candaba wetlands Bird Sanctuary. We stopped in the middle of the hiway to catch the sunrise. Went with Accenture Photography Club.


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