Saturday, September 1, 2012

0 Etude House Shopping

This afternoon, I went to the mall and decided to drop by Etude House's store. Never did I know that I will not be coming out empty handed. There are many cute stuffs sold at the store! :) So after checking out the items on display, (took me a good 30 minutes to get out) I got the following items. Notice how the items I bought are either pink or light green. I only noticed it after I got home :p

Items I bought at Etude House

1. AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit - 428.00PHP

The kit contains the following items:

                        a. AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser (30ml)
                        b. AC Clinic Daily Toner (25ml)
                        c. AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion (25ml)
                        d. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot(5ml) + 10 Cotton Swabs
                        e. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water (5ml)

   I bought this because I've recently been having breakout and pimple spots all over my face. When I asked the saleslady what can she recommend to me regarding my problem and she recommended me this.
AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit

2. Drawing Show Creamy Eyeliner (BK803) - 498.00 PHP

Drawing Show Creamy Eyeliner (BK803)

3. Bling Bling Eye Stick #3 Pink Supernova - 198.00 PHP

 4. 2 I Need You, Pearl Extract Mask Sheet - 58.00 PHP (Each)

I Need You, Pearl Extract Mask Sheet

5. 2 I Need You, Aloe Mask Sheet - 58.00 PHP (Each)

I Need You, Aloe Mask Sheet

4 Masks
 Total Purchases amounted to 1,356.00 PHP (About 30- 35$) This entitles me to a freebie! The 1000 PHP freebie was supposed to be a pencil set (what a bummer. I would've preferred the 500 PHP freebie which is a pomegranate mask) but I had a Belle De Jour Planner voucher that entitles me to a gift upgrade to the next level. I got the freebie for item purchases worth 2000 PHP which is the milk talk kit! :)
Milk Talk Kit

Milk Talk Kit containing 3 pcs bodywash. Banana, Strawberry and chocolate
 I will try to post a review on the products as soon as possible to see if they are effective. This is all for now. :)


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