Sunday, February 24, 2013

0 there's just something about you

There's just something about you
that draws me in
I can't quite placate
what that something is though

your quiet nature
the way you view things
such mystery you hold
it draws me in

you're quite secretive
penny for your thoughts?
i want to know you more
you draw me in

first time I saw you
I find you kinda interesting
I was shy back then
but you draw me in

now were on speaking terms
i fear you'll find out
but I'm a good actress
you simply draw me in

this is not a poem
it has no rhyme
just a play of words
to express feelings I have inside

I know you and me will never be
who am I kidding, not you maybe
but this I hope and hope I must
let me be a friend whom you can trust

in the end im not quite sure if this really is a poem
or just some random babble, i can't decide though
just like my feelings towards you
there's just something about you

Saturday, February 23, 2013

0 Sorry


Simpleng salita na nagpapakita ng pagpapakumbaba.
Minsan itong 5 letrang salita na ito ang kelangan para maging maayos ang lahat. 
Minsan ito lang ang kailangan at tapos na problema. 
Pero minsan, pag palaging ginagamit, nawawalan na din ito ng saysay. 
Sa palagiang pagsasabi ng "sorry", ipinapakita na paulit ulit lang ang paggawa ng pagkakamali. 
Hihingi ng tawad at mauulit ulit.
Hihingi ng tawad at mauulit ulit.
Paulit ulit na lang.
Mas mabuti ba magsorry ng madalas pero mauulit ang pagkakamali o
mas mabuti na minsanan lang humingi ng tawad pero hindi na uulitin ang pagkakamali?

0 Movies I have watched this 2013

This blogspost lists the movies that I had watched for 2013. May contain reviews of the said movies but it will depend on my mood. (I am such a lazy person, I know)

El Presidente
Les Miserables
Jeux D'enfants (Love me if you dare)
Battle Royale
Windstruck (korean)
Thirst (Park Chan Wook - korean)

0 Quiapo Church

Quiapo Church, Quiapo Manila

At Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila. Taken during APC (Accenture Photography Community) Photowalk last year.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

0 Of Mixed Emotions and Such

Awesome Buddy,

I'm not quite sure how to start this. I don't even know why I'm doing this. Just to let this out maybe. I'm in no position to be like this, I know, because we are not a "WE" but you cant deny the fact that there is (or was? I don't really know) something, right?

You are a good conversationalist. We can go for hours and hours about any topic under the sun. Knowing you made me feel that I am a beautiful person inside and out. That I can do anything that I set my mind to. You made me face reality with a solid resolution. You helped me move on.

From the start, I know I cant fall for you even though you are easy to fall with. You know your way to a woman's heart. You know what you are doing. You are a perfect gentleman if you want to be one. I kept my emotions under control whenever I am with you. There are far too many complications to mention. I know its dangerous to be with you but still you draw me in like a moth to the fire. I know I'll get burned if I move closer but your light and your warmth began its hypnotic rhythm. I was entranced. I couldn't get out. Especially when you said to me that you liked me. To hell with every last restraint. I went in for a dive. Even though I know that I am not ready. Even though I know that I will only get hurt. Even though warning signs are flashing everywhere. I pretended I didn't see it coming. I turned the other way...

And then it did happen. One minute, we were texting like lovey doovey couples then another minute you are not texting anymore. What gives? is this just one of your games wherein if you made the girl fall for you you move on to your next target?  I believe our friendship is more than that but that was what you made me feel. It hurts.

I know I have to set my foot forward to prevent any more damage. To guard my heart from being broken again. You are still my awesome buddy, that will not change. a word of advice though, don't cross the line if you are not ready.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

0 Love is in the Air

It's february again, the so called "love month". Here and there, you can see restaurants, shops, sweetshops and other specialty stores offering valentines promos. If you have a special someone, surely you will be exited now, thinking where you and your sweerheart are going to spend valentines day ( especially if you are a girl ) More pressure to the guys :P lol But for those of us that are currently single, times like these can bring on a lot of pressure: pressure to find someone to date, pressure to let out feelings be known to our crushes, pressure to find someone to be with so that we wont be alone and not be the laughing stock of our friends.

inverted heart, fireworks, moa

In the pursuit of wanting someone, sometimes we look for someone to love just for the sake of having someone around. We sometimes fail to see the whole point of being in a relationship. We look for completeness in other people and if you feel that they cant complete you, you break up with that person and look again for someone to complete you. The cycle goes on and on.

You might ask what is wrong in this equation? that this trial and error thing is what is normally done these days, right? Wrong. You see, you cant find completeness in another person. Only out heavenly father can complete us.

as by pastor Dennis' blog, and i quote:

Dont enter a relationship wanting and broken. Enter a relationship as a person who is complete - a person who has a lot to give because he is full of God's love and asurance.

During this season, let us evaluate ourselves: our goals, intentions and values, if what we are doing is in sync with what God wants us to do.

Remember this though:

men: pursue your women! treat her like the princess that she is.

Women: you are made to be pursued. Not the other way around. God designed us this way. 


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