Sunday, July 14, 2013

0 parting is such sweet sorrow

hi guys! for all of you who have been visiting/following this blog, I have migrated to !

Yes, I have my own domain now! I'm so exited! I have also imported the contents of this blog there so most of my posts can also be found there.

I have been with blogger ever since I first created a blog but now i'm moving to wordpress. Hope to see you around :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

0 Weekend blast!

This weekend was the best I had in a long time. Been busy with so many things but I am not tired. In fact, I feel relaxed. Im in nirvana. Emotional High!~ LOL! 


Weekend blast started on Saturday afternoon. I get to bowl with my ex projectmates at coronado lanes, starmall. We haven't seen each other for quite a while so it was a nostalgic seeing them again.We joined our company's bowling tournament for fun. Personally, I am not playing bowling regularly and the tournament was just my second time to play but I was glad that our team captain told me that I look like I was playing for a long time already. stance and all. Yay! My shots have directions, he said. Also, First strike for me! :)

It was a new experience for me too and I enjoyed it. Hopefully we win. Go expendabowls! Played 2 sets by the way so my right arm is kinda sore.

bownling coronado lanes, starmall
After our bowl, I went straight home and decided to draw. My drawing is becoming rusty so i really need to practice. I just settled with a character design headshot. Will try dynamic poses if I have the time to draw again. ^_^ anyway, below is a picture of my drawing. I also get to write a short piece again yesterday and watch a movie(Shadow of a doubt - alfred hitchcock 1943). Horray for creative Saturdays!

character design
original character design


I get to meet with a good friend so we can go to a surprise party for our officemate. I miss talking to her so I was happy to see her again. The surprise party was arranged by her boyfriend by the way. <3 We had a blast at the surprise party as we get to be kids again. we played games, ate and fooled around. The mascot was creppy. lol. When we asked for a picture, nagadik na si Jollibee. See proof below.  


After the party, I decided to register for the MILO marathon 10k run. Was supposed to just register for 5k but the singlet for the 5k was unavailable. So there, 10k :) Goodluck to my 2 feet on July 28. 

I also shopped (more like splurged) a little at forever 21. I need to balance my sexuality, being a girl and all as much as I dont want to. Just joking!

After registering and shopping, I met up with a friend and to watch despicable me 2. Our first attempt was at SM noth cinema but the tickets are all sold out. We decided to go to Trinoma since its just near. It was also a fail. We decided to try for the last time at Shang rila cinema since it is nearer my house and if there are no seats, we will just go home and call it a day. Luckily there are still available seats for the 9:00pm slot. 

Despicable me 2 is just pure awesome! Hands down! been laughing the whole freaking time. Pharell Williams did a great job at the music. Makes me wanna groove to the songs. The cuteness of agnes and the minions are a complete package. Cuteness overload! :)


That is how my weekend ended. I had so much fun! hopefully the next weekend will be as awesome as this week! Keeping my fingers crossed! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013


I was alone
you came along

I was unsure of you
You were persistent

I was miserable
you were happy

I was cautious
You were carefree

I opened up
We became close

I cried
You were there

I was pouring my heart out
You seem distant

I have questions
You never answered

I held on to illusions
of vague familiarity

I missed you
You never seem to care

I was unsure
Yet you were confident

I was attached
You grew distant

I fell
you moved on

Monday, June 24, 2013

0 Zombie Apocalypse

Just watched World War Z a while ago and I am still experiencing residual effects of the movie and no, this is not a review about the movie. With the prevalence of zombie stories everywhere, The walking dead (Series), High School of the dead (manga), zombieland (movie), resident evil franchise (game/movie), last of us (game), its hard not to think that what if there came a time where the world will be crawling with the undead? I shudder to think what will happen to us if ever that came true.

Still, what if it came true? what am I gonna do? Where am I gonna go? Am I prepared for a zombie apocalypse? this question has been bogging me for quite some time now. So here is personal list of things that I need to accomplish pre and during apocalypse stage:


     Most, if not all zombie movie contains car sequence. and face it, going on wheels covers more area than on foot and though its noisy, its still faster than hordes of running zombies. Plus, it offers additional protection from zombies trying to infect you. Also, its kinda badass to know how to drive. Simple as that.


     Keeping zombies away from you as far as possible is one of the basic things to remember in every zombie movie I watched so melee weapons that still offer quite a distance from zombies are your best shot if ever you cant get your hands on guns, arrows and other long range weapons.


     Aside from knowing how to shoot a gun, you should also know how to shoot a moving target. This will be particularly helpful when you are running for your dear life while still wanting to kill zombies.


     This I am doing now. lol. you must have the energy and stamina to run for miles and miles, not to mention run fast as crazed zombies can reaalllyy run fast if they are after you. Either your brain is tasty or they are reaalllyy hungry all the time. Though I doubt that they are picky when it comes to food. as long as its healthy, scared and can reallly scream loud, they will come after you.


     During the infestation, you should find a safehouse to rest, restock, and keep the children safe. This will also serve as your fortress. You still need to get enough rest to have the energy to fight zombies right?


     Having a buddy to talk to, to share thoughts, to plan attacks or other things with can really help with your sanity. Being alone for a long time can really take its toll on your mental health. Having someone around, even just a presence of someone normal, increases your chances of survival. You can cover each other's back, help in your decision making, etc. A lot better if you can find a group of maybe around 5-6 persons. That number is quite enough I think. not too crowded, not too few. Having someone to protect also helps. You tend to be rational in your decision making.

So thats it for my survival guide. What are you going to do if a zombie apocalypse ever happen? Additional thoughts are always welcome. :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013


today started out fine. Dragged myself out of bed so that I can go to my dentist appointment. Bummer. Like, its one of those days where you just want to lie in bed the whole day and listen to your music player and be lazy.

Going to my dentist, I usually ride a jeepney and then the MRT but today, I kinda want to just take it slow and chillax. You get what I mean? Well anyway, I decided to ride the bus after the jeepney. It was a sssllloooowww ride so I got to think about many things. Nothing in particular though, just random bits and pieces here and there.

When I finally arrived at my dentist though, he already left! twice in a row! I haven't had a checkup in three months already so it was really depressing :(

Anyway, instead of sulking and having BV all throughout the day, I decided to just make the most of it. I decided to go to Megamall to checkout headphones as I've been itching to get one for a week now. This was triggered when my ever trusted Phillips SHQ1000 Actionfit sports waterproof headset broke down. (You will forever be remembered and loved ).

I've searched far and wide, (medyo OA) and finally settled for the  Philips ONEILL over ear Green headphones. You can find reviews of this product online as i'm in no position to review headphones but personally, I like the sound quality of this one. I was deciding between the stretch and the shibuya but the stretch won me over. Shibuya is the blue one below.

Philips Stretch

Philips Stretch

Philips Shibuya

While I was in the process of chosing between the two headphones, I decided to drop by globe center to settle some balances, and things about my plan. The wait was freaking long. Like, there are just 6 people ahead of me and it took me and hour and a half to be served. Luckily I was in no hurry.

So after buying my headphone I decided to chill by Starbucks shaw, my favorite chill spot. This is where I go if I want to think about my life, what to do with it and plan my future. Went there at around 4:30pm and was shocked to see so many people. Its usually not that crowded there at around that time so I was kinda disappointed. That didnt stop me from receding to my own world though. One mocha cookie crumble venti frappe and I was in my own thoughts. Thought of many things, planned and set my goal for the duration of the year, made a poem, updated my playlist and watched a movie. By the time that I got back to reality, the people were gone. Only a couple of customers were left. I didn't even noticed the thinning crowd in the coffee shop. I was that absorbed with myself. not in an obsessive, narcissistic way mind you, but in a way that I am in my own thoughts. 

I deeply treasure times like that where I get to know myself more and just enjoy my company. Yes I'm an introvert but that does not mean that I don't enjoy being around people. I have a couple of friends that I enjoy being with but I also enjoy being with just myself. 

Then, after some time, I decided to go home, eat dinner, surf the net and write this blogpost about my day. 

So how was your saturday?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

0 Solitude

Recently, I've gone back to reading books more frequently. Thanks to almost every weekend travel trips. lol. I read to pass time while on the road and I can say that the best companion while traveling are books and music players. The inner recesses of  my mind is my happy place and having these two things makes me achieve inner peace.

One of the books I read was "Manuscript found in Accra" by Paulo Coelho. This was gifted to me by one of my best college buds on my birthday. Knowing that it was written by Paulo Coelho, I was sure that this was going to be a nice read. He did not disappoint.

The book contained nuggets of wisdom about many practical things in life. My favorite chapter is the one that deals with solitude. Let me quote some lines from the book:

"Solitude is not the absence of Love, but its complement.

Solitude is not the absence of company, but the moment when our soul is free to speak to us and help us decide what to do with our life.

Therefore, blessed are those who do not fear solitude, who are not afraid of their own company, who are not always desperately looking for something to do, something to amuse themselves with, something to judge.
If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself. “

 Many people often interchange the meaning of solitude and loneliness. Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation and is more likely a negative feeling. Solitude on the other hand is a state of being alone without being lonely. Solitude can be refreshing.

Personally, I enjoy being alone the same way I enjoy being with other people. I don't understand why some people need other people ALL THE TIME to be with them and to accompany them.

Solitude makes me realize many things and help me reflect about my life, where I currently am and what I want to be.

Solitude makes me compose my thoughts, rearrange my life and set goals to accomplish what I want. 

Solitude enables me to know myself better. It lets me be just myself without pretension because of other people. It allows introspection.

It's also during my quiet time that I get to commune with my creator.

Monday, May 27, 2013

0 Lets Celebrate!

May 20, 2013 marks the day that I got to cross out another item on my 30 before 30 list! Yay! 5 out of 30! 25 to go :)

I got to visit Ilocos Norte and I got to say it was an experience I will never forget. ^__^

Keep the good vibes rolling! :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

0 I Miss Running!!

Title says it all.. I miss running...

Ever since I was assigned in Mckinley Hill early last year I started running on a regular basis. At first, it was just jogging para pagpawisan but as the days progress, running started to be a sort of therapy. If I'm feeling shitty, if I wanted to think, if I wanted to just empty my mind and think of nothing, if I wanted to run away from negative emotions, if I want to put my life into perspective, if I want to stretch my feet a bit, I run.Heck, running helped me move on from a bad breakup.

Things got serious between me and running.

So when I moved back to Cybergate and cant seem to find a route to run again, I started to develop this deep longing to run again. (Parang nahiwalay lang sa boyfriend. lol) We were inseperable back in McKinley. I even developed many friends because of running.

But this longing has got to stop. I have to make my move so that we may be together again. (parang jowa lang talaga. lol ) I wanna get back to running regularly. After my medication, (for allergies. gawa ng kakapuyat araw araw.:(  ) I'm going back to training.


Monday, May 13, 2013

0 Election 2013: The Aftermath

Well in defense to nancy binay, i think we should stop bashing her based on her skin color or her appearance. Isnt that being too judgemental, not to mention racist. If we were to bash her, we should base it on her credentials, or lack thereof. Its also a form of bullying. What is wrong in being dark skinned? Filipinos are originally a dark skinned race. The light or morena complexion of people are the result of interracial marriages. She was born like that. She cant do anything about that fact. What she can do though is prove herself that she deserves the seat in the senate.

Out initial reaction on the results of the recent elections is to blame someone or anyone on the disappointing result. But when things start to calm down and your rationality kicks in, have you asked yourself, what have you done for your country? following simple traffic rules, crossing the street using the pedestrian lane, not littering, have you done these little things? Have you even participated in the elections to even have the right to voice your opinions? "Whoever has no sin cast the first stone"

We may all voice out disagreements and opinions but in the end, this is a democratic country. The voice of the majority always wins and by now we may have a clear picture on the voice of the people.

I am disappionted with the results, yes, but that does not mean I lost my faith that the Philippines will someday progress. I based my votes on people that have high educational background. Maybe im wrong in chosing them. Newly elected senators, especially nancy binay, please do prove im wrong. Its like chosing between an official who is a harvard graduate but used her intelligence to steal money from us or someone from humble beginings but has the heart to serve the people and uses her conscience to help. I do hope and pray that nancy binay is the latter.

In the end, it all boils down to doing our part, no matter how small, to change our country. Its a slow process but if we take one righteous step at a time, there is still hope for us.

"If you want to make the world a better place take look at yourself and make that change."

- man in the mirror
Sung by michael jackson
Written by glen ballard and siedah garrett

P.S. To nancy binay, make your daddy proud and prove to me and all the filipinos that we are wrong and that you deserve your seat.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

2 forgiveness

worst feeling ever is when someone close to you hurt your feelings..
but because you value the friendship more,
you chose to ignore the pain and just forgive and forget..
life is too short to dwell on negative feelings.
smile and be happy.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

0 Random Musings

Sometimes I wonder if its really alright to invest so much feelings toward other people. You see, they have a tendecy to either leave you, hurt you, use you or make you feel like crap. You invest so much feelings but in the end, all is vain. Or it is possible that im just too trusting, always looking at the good in every person that sometimes people take advantage of me. I know that they cant take advantage of me if I dont allow it but... yeah.. okay.. its my fault.. its just that if I trust you, and you have proven to be trushworthy, I will be our friend to the end of time. I have a few people who knows the real me and i love these people dearly.

I have this dangerous combination: I easily fall in love and if I do, I fall really really hard. I guess that is also a problem.. i let emotions take control of me sometimes. Rational thinking be damned! Its not like I dont know what is right from wrong, its just that sometimes I compromise. Wait, let me change that, I compromise.. a lot.. I really need to change that attitude of mine. It makes things complicated.

I admire strong women who are comfortable on their own. They dont need the male species to be happy. Recently, I've been enjoying being single, just taking care of myself. Thinking about no one for a change,.. but there are times that I miss having someone to take care of.. having someone to take care of me.. to be his princess,, i miss having someone tell me that everyhing is alright.. of having the feeling that no matter what happens, there is that one person who will understand me,. who will be with me through whatever.. who will never leave my side.. who will hold my hand and hug me.. someone who will make me feel secure.. and these are those times...

in the end, i think that we should give our trust fully to others. If they broke your trust, hen its their problem. at least you cant blame yourself. You gave your best to keep your friendship.


ball of fire, present every night
come fill me up with your wondrous light
take me to a place for you and me
excite in me feelings just for you only

you amaze me with your subtlety
I am enthralled by you only
such power and might you possess
yet humble and simple still, you are

slowly, surely, slowly as i watch
your amorous ascent towards the sky
why you captivate me is still a mystery
but thats the truth, no use denying it

you control the tides of my emotions
 high tide, low tide, high tide, low tide
such extremes, still, im captivated
im caught, like a moth to the fire

why so elusive? im caught but im not sure
will it be just like the last, or will this last?
just like the different phases you have
is this just a phase? just something that will pass

as I gaze upon you, ive seen different sides
Sides I didnt know you possess inside
so near yet so far, i can hardly reach through you
is it fate that I can just watch you from afar?

The poem was you
watashi no yue desu

Sunday, April 7, 2013

0 Hearts and Flowers

Its this time of the year again. Well, I actually don't see the point of Valentines. Maybe its just a marketing strategy cooked up by some company before to sell flowers, chocolates, balloons, or whatever token people usually give to their crush, loved one or special someone. You can give flowers to your loved one anytime of the year if you really appreciate her. (I think him in this context is not correct. Its usually the guys giving to the girls. lols. but whatever floats your boat. Its up to you.) Why February 14th? It just  ruins the sense of everything. Guys are pressured to give something to their girlfriends because they know that the other half is expecting. It's becoming more of a pissing contest. (For the girls also, mind you.) Pabonggahan ng natanggap na regalo. Wouldn't it be better if you received something on a day that no one receives something? Mas agaw eksena yun. You would feel more special. Just my thoughts though.

Also, whats with the flowers?? I appreciate flowers on a pot. alive. Cut flowers only last a couple of days. If the love of your partner is like the gift he will give you, doesn't that mean that his love will fade instantly? If I would receive something, I want to receive something tangible. Cards and letters are the best. Something that the guy actually worked hard for, gave a lot of effort and is romantic. Not just something bought in a shop. Expensive gifts don't amuse me. I don't care if its just some cheap pad paper, bond paper etc. as long as put effort in that gift, I would treasure it. As the saying goes, its the thought that counts. Plus, I'm not that comfortable carrying flowers around. (Yes I'm still straight!) I don't want attention. Though, there are times that I want to feel special too but please, not on Valentines.

One thing I admire about my parents is that in every occasion, valentines, wedding anniversary, or birthday, they always give each other cards. Usually the one bought at bookstores but they always make sure that the message in the card is what they really want to say to the other and that they always put a dedication on the blank side, usually some sweet nothings. You see, my father is not the type of person who shows emotion much (*ehem* may pinagmanahan) but during those times, he never fails to make my mother feel special. I only saw him give my mother flowers once. Not the extravagant flower arrangement type, but just a simple single-stem red rose. He had it delivered to our home. Maybe he also don't want to be seen holding flowers? haha. I guess I got that from him too.

So yeah, that sums up my thoughts about valentines. EFFORT goes a long way. So does cute panda stuffies, panda trinkets, etc. :)

Update: this was meant to be a valentines post. I just forgot to publish. This was a realization I had during the 'love' month. This is not be being bitter, its just me being myself. Then again, why am I explaining myself? This is my blog and I can post whatever I want. bwahaha *evil laugh*


I joined the bandwagon! lols. Intense heat + boredom = super geek mode. This song has been terrorizing my facebook timeline for quite some time now. If you cant beat them, join them, right? :) Video has been made for entertainment purposes only.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

0 Why

why do i even try?
i know what the outcome will be
the all too familiar feeling
void of any emotion
nothing but numbness
well, after all the pain gripping your heart will the numbness come..
sometimes I wonder why I put myself in situations like this..
or maybe this is just destiny playing with me?
It's this cycle again..

please get out of my mind,.
the moment i wake up,
thoughts of you keep flooding me
as the day progresses, your face will suddenly jump out of nowhere..
there are times when your face brought a smile to my face
and there are times that it delivered gloom..

i know this is not good..
but what can i possibly do?
that you will be interested in me
is like winning the lottery
a one-in-a-million chance
thats what it will be

why did that ever happened?
it just left me more confused..
in the end I have no choice left..
but to sit back and just wait

Monday, April 1, 2013

0 MRT - Best Place to Be

MRT stored value card
Everyday commuting to reach the office, I ride the dreaded MRT. Metro Rail Transit line 3. The congested coaches, the faulty airconditioning and most of all, the people you see everyday. A menagerie of rare social animals. The types of people you see here are somewhat the reflection of what types of people living in the metro are.

I usually ride from Boni station and then alight at Magallanes station. 5 stations all in all including Boni and Magallanes. In between those 5 stations, you might get a birds eyeview of what filipinos are. This post might be biased though as I always ride with the ladies, handicaps, pregnant women and senior citizens when I am alone - and that is usually the case every morining.

I dont usually listen to music when riding the MRT one reason is because this has become a modus for pickpockets in the MRT and the other is when I listen to music, I am transported to a world purely on my own. I dont wanna miss the oportunity to observe the happenings in the MRT for my own world. There is a different time for that. lol. :)

Some examples of the people you meet in the MRT are:

1. The selfish type usually also the walang-pakialam-sa-dilaw-na-arrow-na-nakadrawing-sa-floor type

These are usually the first ones you will see upon reaching the platform of the train station. They will block the door of the train once it reaches a full stop oblivious to the markings in the floor indicating that you need to first let the passengers alight the train before boarding. This is simple logic. why cant some people get this? block the door and the people alighting the train cant go out. If they cant go out, there will be no space for new passengers, if there is no space, they simply cannot go in the damn train. Wouldnt be life more easier if they just let passengers get down first before riding? Sometimes I just want to get the attention of these people and indicate the markings on the floor. Maybe they just cant see the sign. Worst case, maybe they just dont care.

2. The walang-pakialam-sa-pila-siksik-lang-ng-siksik type

These types are also usually the ones who just got in the platform, see a line infront of the door but still try to squeeze themselves in wherever nook they found just to ride the MRT. Maybe they are running a bit late? but what about the other passengers who got there before them? dont they have any shame left in their system?

3. The I-dont-know-if-blind-or-nagbubulag-bulagan-or-insensitive type

As I said, I usually ride the first coach of the train for seniors, women, preggys and handicaps. Sometimes you will see these healthy, young and able bodied females sit in the seats in the train while all the while there is a senior citizen at their side who is having a difficulty standing up when the train is at full stop let alone when the train started to move. insensitive much? Pregnant women and handicaps (especially the lame) are not spared from the wrath of these types.

4. The telebabad-kung-telebabad-wapakels-sa-makarinig type

The type of people that are most likely subscribed to unlicall. They will make phonecalls while inside the train and talk with voices louder than what is deemed to be normal speaking voice. They will laugh, shout or do whatever reaction they make due to statements made from the other end of the line. People will sometimes stare at these types but they are oblivious to this fact as they are more concerned at the conversation between them and the person on the other end. I cant help but overhear some conversations between these people and most of the topic are about showbiz, the life story of their sisters' neighbors' husbands' brother or whoever relative, friend, or neighbor's life they deem to be interesting. In short, garbage information.

5. The grabe-makadikit-old-man type

My encounter with this type is one that I will not forget easily. The worst case I experienced (more likely watch because it didnt happen to me) with this type is between this girl (maybe in her teenage years) and an elderly old man maybe around 60-70. The girl alight in the train first. probably went in at the same station that I came from. She stayed near the door with her back on the door in the driver's pod. I stayed near the middle as the train wasnt that packed. I think its a weekend. Not sure. Then upon reaching the next station, an old man went in and went infront of the girl, facing her, both his arms raised a little above her head. (The horror. @.@ I cant imagine what I would do if that was me. ) As I said, the train wasnt packed. There are still some seats available so it was kinda weird why he positioned himself like that. As I was observing them, the girl was somewhat sending this mutinous, deathly glare in the direction of the old man but I dont think the old man care. I personally think he was enjoying himself. WHY?!?! I got down the station first so I didnt know what else happened but if that was me, I wouldve moved to another place. That position is soooo uncomfortable.

6. The kala-mo-ang-tagal-hindi-nagkita-kung-magkwentuhan type

Imagine the telebabad-kung-telebabad-wapakels-sa-makarinig times two. Double jeopardy. In this case, you hear both sides, not just one.

7. The colehiyala-grabe-magchikahan type

The rare type of kala-mo-ang-tagal-hindi-nagkita-kung-magkwentuhan. Their conversation has taglish version.

These are some of the people you will most likely encounter in riding in the first coach of the MRT. I dont know about the rest of the coaches. I heard they have it worse there.

Sadly, my current project will move to a different location. The new location does not require me to ride the MRT. Riding the MRT will surely be missed. The people, experience, headaches and all. Parting with you is such sweet sorrow. I look forward to the day that I will be ridding you again - or NOT!

0 Easter

Its Easter again. More than the bunnies, the eggs and the hunt, what does Easter really mean?

According to my research, Easter was originally a pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth, honoring the pagan Saxon goddess Eastre. Since it fell around the same time as Christ's resurection, they merged the idea when they converted the Saxons.

Well, for christians, Easter symbolizes Jesus' triumph over death and the fulfillment of His promise to us. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. What does this mean to us? How does this affect us? How can we live a new life in Jesus?

According to Colossians 3:1-10,
Colossians 3:1-10

For us to be able to live a new life, We should set our HEARTS and our MINDS on things above.

1. Put to death the sinful life
2. Rid yourself
3. Put off the old you and put on the new you

Romans 12:1-2

It is also stated in Romans 12:1-2 That we should not comform to the world but be vigilant enough not to be deceived by evil. In our environment today, we are desensitised by what the media gives us. Sexuality is depicted in movies, tv, print and all other forms. What we see before as immoral have become normal to us. Even kids nowadays know more about sex than people in their 20s or even 30s 10 years before. The media tells us now that one-night stands, casual sex and other kinds of sex without the confines of marriage is enjoyable and is normal. Everyone is doing it, so why wouldnt you?

But here is a question I'll throw at you: after all that you did, after all that has happened, is it all worth it?

1 Thessalonians 4:3-7
 Contrary to what most people believe, God is not against sex. In fact, God is the author of the union between man and woman (Gen 2:24) but God wants people to enjoy sex under the confines of marriage, with ONE partner. God gave definite guidelines about sex in the bible but that is a broader topic and I will not tackle that in this blogpost.

1 Peter 2:24

Jesus died for us on the cross. He was the sacrificial lamb, pure and without sin, so that we, people full of sin, may be able to enter the kingdom of God. In old testament people who sinned should offer to God a sacrifice in the altar for the attonement of their sins, usually a lamb. The sacrifice animal should have no blemish or abnormality.

Romans 4:25

1 Peter 2:9-10

Because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, we bacame part of the kingdom of God. Imagine if Jesus gave up halfway through His suffering? He can do that you see. What if he thought that everything He did would be all in vain and that the very reason He is suffering for does not acknowledge Him?

1 John 1:9

So how will we be able to get back with God? Start by having your personal relationship with Him. Read His word. Confess all your sins and accept that you are nothing without Him. That no matter how successful, how powerful and how rich you are, without God, you are nothing. You are just a speck of dirt on the face of the planet. Admit that there is a longing deep inside you and that longing is a longing for a deeper relationship with God. Surround yourself with people who have the same longing that you have. Be in good company.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

0 The 2000php Baler Challenge

Last March 23-24, me and my office mates decided to go to Baler for the weekend. One of them initiated this challenge- to spend only 1500Php in Baler all in all. Me having gone there once, (and know more or less what we will do, budget and all, *wink* ), opted for the 2000Php challenge.

Baler has a special place in my heart so I know I will always go back there. twice in less than 6 months! imagine! :)

Will write a more detailed blog post about baler but for now, here is a detailed breakdown of our expenses:


Fare from Cubao to Cabanatuan (Aircon)  -------   185.00 Php
Fare from Cabanatuan to Baler (Non-AC)  -------   176.00 Php
Brunch in stopover 278.00 Php 69.50 Php
Tryke from Bus station to  Resort 45.00 Php 11.25 Php
Room good for 4 persons 2000.00 Php 500.00 Php
Baler tour 800.00 Php 200.00 Php
Dinner     325.00 Php 65.00 Php
Socials after dinner   210.00 Php 52.50 Php 
Bfast at Bays Inn - Buffet
150.00 Php
Lunch   300.00 Php 75.00 Php
Fare from Baler to Cabanatuan (Aircon)  -------   247.00 Php
Fare from Cabanatuan to Shaw Blvd  -------   196.00 Php

1927.25 Php


0 Happy Birthday!

Happy 10th birthday biboy

This blogpost is a tribute to my baby dear, biboy, who is celebrating her 10th birthday today. I decade of her life shared with us. She had been with us since I was in first year high school. She is a second generation pet as her mother was my first pet kitty. She had been a witness to all my teenage angst, rebellious years and all heartaches since my first boyfriend. She had been my pillow in nights when all I want to do is breakdown and cry. I think she had seen me cry more than any other human being alive. lol. She knows when to make lambing in times when I am down. Cause most of the time she is this mataray type. Haha. We also had our share of love-hate relationship. Through all the scratch marks, bite marks and pagtatarays I received, I still love you dearly from the bottom of my heart.

To my friend, my pet, my furry little sister, I hope we can still spend more time with each other. I know you are nearing your twilight years but I do hope we can still count years and years of being together. You will always have a special place in my heart that no other himan being can ever replace. You made it to 10 years old, is another 10 years with you too much to ask?

The Bleh Pose

Friday, March 29, 2013

0 Good Friday

bits and pieces of what transpired this good friday.

I woke up at around 6 in the morning with thoughts of running in greenhills. Figured that it was still early to go out ( I will run alone so I was kinda scared to go out :P ) so I slept again.

woke up at around 8 in the morning. Perfect time. Got up, prepared and went out the door.

Normal route was take a jeepney to wilson, jog from wilson to greenhills then run around depending on my mood how many times then jog from greenhills to wilson and ride a jeepney home.

As I think I mentioned in my other blogpost, running makes me think about many things in my life and also get a glimpse of what people are doing in their everyday lives.

Thought number 1:

because lately I have been used to running at night, I had no idea that the sun at 8am can be so hot. And I'm not being maarte here. I used to run before at 8am and the sun is not that hot. by hot here im not saying about the tolerable-healty-for-your skin hot. more like the 12nn-skin-cancer-nakakaitim type of hot. At 8AM! what happened? because of summer? global warming? ozone layer thinning and thinning by the minute? imagine what will happen 10 years from now? extreme hotness? ookayy.. panic mode here.. brain turned on hyperdrive. seriously though, by the trend we are seeing, it is definitely getting hotter and hotter as the years go by. what will happen to our planet 5, 10, 15 years from now? will the fall of mankind start? will the earth cease to exist? will zombies begin to evolve? everything is possible right?

anyway, next time I run in the morning, I will put on sunblock. I think I turned one to two shades darker because of yesterday. Not that I care about that though. I'm more concerned about having skin cancer. and yes, thats how paranoid I am.

Thought number 2:

On the way to greenhills, many people I pass by says 'Hi' or people from cars blow their horns and smile or wave at you. Usually, I get irritated by this unwanted attention. Like, why cant people just leave me alone and get on with their lives. I had many scary stories from similar incidents so I'm still kinda scared and cautious towards people, mostly from guys.  So when this particular person greeted me, I was surprised because I had this sudden urge to smile at him. Like someone was telling me to do that. That person was a security guard from Greenhills west by the way. So when I smiled at him he said 'jogging maam? ingat po kayo.' I was speechless. so I just nod and said thanks. In that incident, I realized that generalizing or stereotyping people is not healthy. Why avoid people because of just one, two or three incidents that happened? incidents that made you lose hope in mankind altogether. Everyone is different. Because of avoiding people due to past incidents, you also lose the chance to meet good people. People that will change your thinking about the negativity of people.

Because of that particular incident, I'm now trying to be more open towards other people. Of course, you still need to be cautious because you may never know. baka pakitang tao lang ang pinapakita sayo. Still, just try to give your trust on others more. :)

Thought number 3:

Good friday. best day to reflect about your spiritual life. where am I with my relationship with my Heavenly Father? Am I living my life according to His purpose in me? Am I being a good example to other people and do they see God in my life? I know I'm not perfect. Well, nobody is. But I'm trying my best. Still, I think what I'm doing now is not enough. Sometimes I fail and give in and let negative thoughts to permeate through my brain. Sometimes getting the best of me. But I know that God is with me and never will He abandon me or forsake me. Thats how much He loves me, His daughter, His princess.

More or less, these are the things that occupied my mind during good friday.

Ending this post with a resolution to be more positive towards everything. :)

0 Waiting For You

I will wait for you.. and i will wait patiently..
I know you are just around the corner. Maybe we have already met, maybe not.
In God's perfect time, I know we will eventually be together.
He is currently writing my love story, the most perfect love story for you and me.
I know when we get together, everything will fall in to place.
No complications and issues whatsoever.
may our love story be like ruth and boaz, jacob and rachel, 
so sweet and true till the end of time.
You will be that someone who brings me closer to Him.
Jesus will be the center of our relationship.
I am trying to remain pure and holy only for you
 and I know everything is all going to be worth it.
Cause when the time comes that you will bring me to the altar, 
you will face it with your head held high.
though there are times when things get compromised, but with God's grace, 
I was able to make it by somehow.

To you who is the one for me, if you seek Him, and found Him, He will definitely give you the keys to my heart.

So for now, may my love not awaken until it so desires, until you and i are ready,
ill be here waiting for you patiently..

0 Child's Play: valentines 2013

Valentines 2013 is the first valentines after 6 years that I get to spend as single. I've been with relationship after relationship that I got used to having a special someone around for valentines. This year is different: I have no one to spend it with. But you see, God has this special sense of humor. God made me realize that love has many other forms. that it is not only for your special someone, better half, boyfriend or whatever you want to call them. Love is a general feeling, emotion or affection you share with other people: even strangers.

February 14, 2013. Me and my office mates decided to go to UP fair. The line-up that day was sooo gooood! up dharma down, urbandub, kamikazee, itchyworms, giniling festival, moonstar 88, sandwich, franco and ang bandang shirley, they had me at Up dharma down. :) Feb 14 is a working day so unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, we left the office late, around 9pm. + travel time and all, we arrived there at around 11PM. Long story short, when we arrived, the tickets are already sold out. :( We tried looking for scalpers at the front gate but sadly, none could be found.

Crestfallen, we decided to just stay for a while and think of what to do next. That was the time I spotted this little girl playing in the field. See picture below. haha :)

 Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

I saw her playing with her toy and had this urge to get to know her. I went up to her and asked for her basic information. Her name, where she lived, and why is she there. (It was12MN and she is outside. alone.) after all the introductions done, we just played with each other. we played with her toy, (second picture from here. dunno what its called. :) ) we played tag, and laughed to our hearts content. As I was playing with her 2 other kids came to us - one was her brother.

Children playing
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Playing with these kids made me miss being a child again. Just enjoying what life has to offer, not caring about anything else. As we grow older, we think of many other things that we think are essential in our everyday lives but upon closer introspection, those essential things are just trivial matters.

Photo Credits: 
Daryl Lapuz

Eventhough we were not able to go in the fair and watch the bands play, I still had a lot of fun. I might say that Valentines 2013 is the best valentines I had so far. :) God really moves in mysterious ways.

Raphael again
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Kim and Raph
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Me with Kim
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

The overpriced heart shaped balloon. lol. But its worth it. made a kid smile. that is priceless.
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Kim and her toy
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Saturday, March 16, 2013

0 Black and White

Why do some people have this irritating habit of not saying what they really mean? I mean, why not just say things straight to the point instead of beating around the bush? Is it that hard to do? Why do you have to deceive others that you mean one thing but what you really meant was the opposite? Do you get what I'm saying? or am I being difficult too?


If you don't want to continue what you are saying then STFU and don't open the topic. It's frustrating you know?! You have spiked our interest and then withdraw the whole thing. It's like your in the middle of watching a (insert favorite TV program, sports match or whatever interest you most) and then suddenly, *suspense* BLACKOUT! what would you feel? happy? I doubt. Frustration to the highest level.

The world would be a better place if people would just stop pretending something they are not and accept the fact that we are all unique individuals and that you don't need to kiss-ass someone to be friends with them. Just be yourself. Things will be simpler that way. Trust me. Be black and white. In the first place, why would you do something just to please others? Why waste your time on them when you can spend time on improving yourself instead? Are they really worth the effort? Can't you just enjoy life by yourself? Are you that weak that you cant even stand on your own two feet?

Just some random thoughts from a very melancholic mind.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

0 Sunrise

this was taken on 03-02-2013 on the way to Candaba wetlands Bird Sanctuary. We stopped in the middle of the hiway to catch the sunrise. Went with Accenture Photography Club.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

0 there's just something about you

There's just something about you
that draws me in
I can't quite placate
what that something is though

your quiet nature
the way you view things
such mystery you hold
it draws me in

you're quite secretive
penny for your thoughts?
i want to know you more
you draw me in

first time I saw you
I find you kinda interesting
I was shy back then
but you draw me in

now were on speaking terms
i fear you'll find out
but I'm a good actress
you simply draw me in

this is not a poem
it has no rhyme
just a play of words
to express feelings I have inside

I know you and me will never be
who am I kidding, not you maybe
but this I hope and hope I must
let me be a friend whom you can trust

in the end im not quite sure if this really is a poem
or just some random babble, i can't decide though
just like my feelings towards you
there's just something about you

Saturday, February 23, 2013

0 Sorry


Simpleng salita na nagpapakita ng pagpapakumbaba.
Minsan itong 5 letrang salita na ito ang kelangan para maging maayos ang lahat. 
Minsan ito lang ang kailangan at tapos na problema. 
Pero minsan, pag palaging ginagamit, nawawalan na din ito ng saysay. 
Sa palagiang pagsasabi ng "sorry", ipinapakita na paulit ulit lang ang paggawa ng pagkakamali. 
Hihingi ng tawad at mauulit ulit.
Hihingi ng tawad at mauulit ulit.
Paulit ulit na lang.
Mas mabuti ba magsorry ng madalas pero mauulit ang pagkakamali o
mas mabuti na minsanan lang humingi ng tawad pero hindi na uulitin ang pagkakamali?

0 Movies I have watched this 2013

This blogspost lists the movies that I had watched for 2013. May contain reviews of the said movies but it will depend on my mood. (I am such a lazy person, I know)

El Presidente
Les Miserables
Jeux D'enfants (Love me if you dare)
Battle Royale
Windstruck (korean)
Thirst (Park Chan Wook - korean)

0 Quiapo Church

Quiapo Church, Quiapo Manila

At Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila. Taken during APC (Accenture Photography Community) Photowalk last year.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

0 Of Mixed Emotions and Such

Awesome Buddy,

I'm not quite sure how to start this. I don't even know why I'm doing this. Just to let this out maybe. I'm in no position to be like this, I know, because we are not a "WE" but you cant deny the fact that there is (or was? I don't really know) something, right?

You are a good conversationalist. We can go for hours and hours about any topic under the sun. Knowing you made me feel that I am a beautiful person inside and out. That I can do anything that I set my mind to. You made me face reality with a solid resolution. You helped me move on.

From the start, I know I cant fall for you even though you are easy to fall with. You know your way to a woman's heart. You know what you are doing. You are a perfect gentleman if you want to be one. I kept my emotions under control whenever I am with you. There are far too many complications to mention. I know its dangerous to be with you but still you draw me in like a moth to the fire. I know I'll get burned if I move closer but your light and your warmth began its hypnotic rhythm. I was entranced. I couldn't get out. Especially when you said to me that you liked me. To hell with every last restraint. I went in for a dive. Even though I know that I am not ready. Even though I know that I will only get hurt. Even though warning signs are flashing everywhere. I pretended I didn't see it coming. I turned the other way...

And then it did happen. One minute, we were texting like lovey doovey couples then another minute you are not texting anymore. What gives? is this just one of your games wherein if you made the girl fall for you you move on to your next target?  I believe our friendship is more than that but that was what you made me feel. It hurts.

I know I have to set my foot forward to prevent any more damage. To guard my heart from being broken again. You are still my awesome buddy, that will not change. a word of advice though, don't cross the line if you are not ready.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

0 Love is in the Air

It's february again, the so called "love month". Here and there, you can see restaurants, shops, sweetshops and other specialty stores offering valentines promos. If you have a special someone, surely you will be exited now, thinking where you and your sweerheart are going to spend valentines day ( especially if you are a girl ) More pressure to the guys :P lol But for those of us that are currently single, times like these can bring on a lot of pressure: pressure to find someone to date, pressure to let out feelings be known to our crushes, pressure to find someone to be with so that we wont be alone and not be the laughing stock of our friends.

inverted heart, fireworks, moa

In the pursuit of wanting someone, sometimes we look for someone to love just for the sake of having someone around. We sometimes fail to see the whole point of being in a relationship. We look for completeness in other people and if you feel that they cant complete you, you break up with that person and look again for someone to complete you. The cycle goes on and on.

You might ask what is wrong in this equation? that this trial and error thing is what is normally done these days, right? Wrong. You see, you cant find completeness in another person. Only out heavenly father can complete us.

as by pastor Dennis' blog, and i quote:

Dont enter a relationship wanting and broken. Enter a relationship as a person who is complete - a person who has a lot to give because he is full of God's love and asurance.

During this season, let us evaluate ourselves: our goals, intentions and values, if what we are doing is in sync with what God wants us to do.

Remember this though:

men: pursue your women! treat her like the princess that she is.

Women: you are made to be pursued. Not the other way around. God designed us this way. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

2 Run Devil Run

Today marks the day of my first jog for 2013. Also, today is the arrival of SNSD ( girls generation ) in the Philippines for their concert, thus the title. Though, SNSD has completely nothing to do with this post, lol. I'm so random.

The courtesy bathroom mirror pic :)
My usual jogging place would be at greenhills shopping center. I have been jogging there since my elementary days ( with my parents, of course ) I have no fixed schedule and just go whenever I feel like going :)

What I love most about running is not sweating or losing weight ( IF EVER i lose weight ;) ) but having time to just empty myself and think about my life, what I've accomplished so far, where I currently am, and where I am going.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

0 New years resolution - Not!

Photo from

     Another year had passed and a new one has come and as a tradition, many of us start the year with a new year resolution. Be it one thing or a long list. But as most of us know, many new year resolutions last till the last week of February to second week of March only. Personally, I'm not fond of writing new year resolutions. What I usually do at the start of the year is GOAL SETTING.

     Being stuck at home for 5 days (I was literally bored out of my wits on the second day), I began to think about my life and what direction to take. may it be financial, spiritual, career, relationship and whatever aspect you might think of. Here is a list of what I plan to do in no particular order.


2013, I offer this year to God. May he use me to work His ways in reaching His people. I also want to deepen my relationship with Him and that i may keep the fire to serve Him burning.


Continue what I started in 2012 in terms of how to handle my finances. To continue and with my investments and to make it grow (stocks, mutual funds, business, etc) and to continue with my budget plan. No more impulse buying!!!


Travel more! I want to travel and meet people to know about their life and culture. I want to see other countries and see what makes us different from each other and what commonality we share with them.


Think about my career path. I'm still young so I think I can handle career shifts more than if I shift when I'm older. I'm still thinking if I will work outside the country or if I should stay here.


Write on my blog more often!! I'm a lazy person. I write when I feel like writing. I should set a schedule and follow it. like once a week or twice a month. whatever is more convenient. I have so much many pending posts!


Take care of my physical body more. I'm not getting younger and what I do at this point in my life contributes to my future. I should think for the long term. Exercise regularly, drink lots of fluids, have 8 hours sleep (especially this one about sleeping) and go out and enjoy the sun more. :) I also miss playing sports (badminton and table tennis are my favorite sports) I also miss taekwondo! :( Hope I can get back to training.


Though this is not top priority, I hope to fall head over heels in love again. Hope I can find someone who makes me feel like a princess this year :)


Continue being a good friend.


LOVE myself more! I've spent the past 7 years going from one relationship to the other. The other half was always the center of my world. This year, I will appreciate myself more. I wont compromise what I believe in for someone. If they love me then good. If they don't, fine. Its not my loss. The biggest loss I can have, and one I will surely wont forgive myself is losing myself in the process. I'm at this point in my life where I love myself more than any human being. This is not me being selfish but me having self-respect.


Continue with my 30 before 30 list. 4 down, 26 to go! :) i still have 7 years :)


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