Sunday, July 7, 2013

0 Weekend blast!

This weekend was the best I had in a long time. Been busy with so many things but I am not tired. In fact, I feel relaxed. Im in nirvana. Emotional High!~ LOL! 


Weekend blast started on Saturday afternoon. I get to bowl with my ex projectmates at coronado lanes, starmall. We haven't seen each other for quite a while so it was a nostalgic seeing them again.We joined our company's bowling tournament for fun. Personally, I am not playing bowling regularly and the tournament was just my second time to play but I was glad that our team captain told me that I look like I was playing for a long time already. stance and all. Yay! My shots have directions, he said. Also, First strike for me! :)

It was a new experience for me too and I enjoyed it. Hopefully we win. Go expendabowls! Played 2 sets by the way so my right arm is kinda sore.

bownling coronado lanes, starmall
After our bowl, I went straight home and decided to draw. My drawing is becoming rusty so i really need to practice. I just settled with a character design headshot. Will try dynamic poses if I have the time to draw again. ^_^ anyway, below is a picture of my drawing. I also get to write a short piece again yesterday and watch a movie(Shadow of a doubt - alfred hitchcock 1943). Horray for creative Saturdays!

character design
original character design


I get to meet with a good friend so we can go to a surprise party for our officemate. I miss talking to her so I was happy to see her again. The surprise party was arranged by her boyfriend by the way. <3 We had a blast at the surprise party as we get to be kids again. we played games, ate and fooled around. The mascot was creppy. lol. When we asked for a picture, nagadik na si Jollibee. See proof below.  


After the party, I decided to register for the MILO marathon 10k run. Was supposed to just register for 5k but the singlet for the 5k was unavailable. So there, 10k :) Goodluck to my 2 feet on July 28. 

I also shopped (more like splurged) a little at forever 21. I need to balance my sexuality, being a girl and all as much as I dont want to. Just joking!

After registering and shopping, I met up with a friend and to watch despicable me 2. Our first attempt was at SM noth cinema but the tickets are all sold out. We decided to go to Trinoma since its just near. It was also a fail. We decided to try for the last time at Shang rila cinema since it is nearer my house and if there are no seats, we will just go home and call it a day. Luckily there are still available seats for the 9:00pm slot. 

Despicable me 2 is just pure awesome! Hands down! been laughing the whole freaking time. Pharell Williams did a great job at the music. Makes me wanna groove to the songs. The cuteness of agnes and the minions are a complete package. Cuteness overload! :)


That is how my weekend ended. I had so much fun! hopefully the next weekend will be as awesome as this week! Keeping my fingers crossed! 

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