Monday, May 13, 2013

0 Election 2013: The Aftermath

Well in defense to nancy binay, i think we should stop bashing her based on her skin color or her appearance. Isnt that being too judgemental, not to mention racist. If we were to bash her, we should base it on her credentials, or lack thereof. Its also a form of bullying. What is wrong in being dark skinned? Filipinos are originally a dark skinned race. The light or morena complexion of people are the result of interracial marriages. She was born like that. She cant do anything about that fact. What she can do though is prove herself that she deserves the seat in the senate.

Out initial reaction on the results of the recent elections is to blame someone or anyone on the disappointing result. But when things start to calm down and your rationality kicks in, have you asked yourself, what have you done for your country? following simple traffic rules, crossing the street using the pedestrian lane, not littering, have you done these little things? Have you even participated in the elections to even have the right to voice your opinions? "Whoever has no sin cast the first stone"

We may all voice out disagreements and opinions but in the end, this is a democratic country. The voice of the majority always wins and by now we may have a clear picture on the voice of the people.

I am disappionted with the results, yes, but that does not mean I lost my faith that the Philippines will someday progress. I based my votes on people that have high educational background. Maybe im wrong in chosing them. Newly elected senators, especially nancy binay, please do prove im wrong. Its like chosing between an official who is a harvard graduate but used her intelligence to steal money from us or someone from humble beginings but has the heart to serve the people and uses her conscience to help. I do hope and pray that nancy binay is the latter.

In the end, it all boils down to doing our part, no matter how small, to change our country. Its a slow process but if we take one righteous step at a time, there is still hope for us.

"If you want to make the world a better place take look at yourself and make that change."

- man in the mirror
Sung by michael jackson
Written by glen ballard and siedah garrett

P.S. To nancy binay, make your daddy proud and prove to me and all the filipinos that we are wrong and that you deserve your seat.

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