Thursday, May 23, 2013

0 I Miss Running!!

Title says it all.. I miss running...

Ever since I was assigned in Mckinley Hill early last year I started running on a regular basis. At first, it was just jogging para pagpawisan but as the days progress, running started to be a sort of therapy. If I'm feeling shitty, if I wanted to think, if I wanted to just empty my mind and think of nothing, if I wanted to run away from negative emotions, if I want to put my life into perspective, if I want to stretch my feet a bit, I run.Heck, running helped me move on from a bad breakup.

Things got serious between me and running.

So when I moved back to Cybergate and cant seem to find a route to run again, I started to develop this deep longing to run again. (Parang nahiwalay lang sa boyfriend. lol) We were inseperable back in McKinley. I even developed many friends because of running.

But this longing has got to stop. I have to make my move so that we may be together again. (parang jowa lang talaga. lol ) I wanna get back to running regularly. After my medication, (for allergies. gawa ng kakapuyat araw araw.:(  ) I'm going back to training.


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