Thursday, August 30, 2012

0 Mail time

Two packages arrived in the mail for me today! :) (actually there is also a letter that arrived today but its just the credit card bill so I wouldn't post about that one.) Look what I got! 

Packages for me! I just love opening them :)

The white one was a gift pack from Unilab Nutritionals containing 2 180 gram pack of Athena Milk. I used the coupon found on my Belle De Jour 2012 planner to claim the item. Scanned the coupon and emailed to to their email address, The exchange went well and I got a quick reply from their staff unlike the Carbtrim coupon which up till now, I havent received any reply. (bummer) Because of this, I will love BDJ planners for the rest of my life. lol. I just love freebies.


I was supposed to get the items yesterday. Someone called me up and asked for the directions for my house and they said that they were near the area so I was expecting them but it just arrived today. This is the first time that someone wasn't able to find my house. Its quite easy to find.

the items from the package. 2 180 gms box

it says no other milk understands you better. 

The other package is from Human <3 Nature! Batch 3 of orders from me. (I am a proud Human <3 Nature dealer). I'm gonna deliver these orders tomorrow to my customers :)
Human <3 Nature waybill

Personally, I'm a Human Heart Nature user. I believe in their products and the advocacy of the company. The products are 100% Natural and doesn't contain any chemicals. Who wouldn't want that right? Not to mention that Human Heart Nature products are super effective. I'm not exaggerating. I've been using their products for months now and I can say, my skin has never been better!

the "pizza boxes"

upwrapping the package
Nowadays, products, especially cosmetics contain loads and loads of gunk that are not only bad for you but also for the environment, can cause cancer, and are using animal testing. Fortunately, A company like Human Heart Nature exists! They are pro-philippines, pro-environment and pro-poor.

the items

I pledge to spread goodness T-Shirt (S)

More items!

all items

all items 2

For those interested in Human Heart Nature products and want to order, you can reach me via comment or add my shop, Kawaii Neko Shoppe as a friend on facebook. :) 

For more information about Human Heart Nature, please click this link.


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