Wednesday, August 29, 2012

0 The "ME" Two Years Before

Looking back at my life two years ago, I can't believe how many things in my life had changed since then. Two years ago, I was employed in a different company, doing different work, and being with different people. Two years ago, I was still together with my ex. Two years ago, life was so easy for me then. Someone straight from college and entering the corporate world. I was optimistic, full of passion and so innocent about the "real world". I was full of childish dreams of how to live my life after college. Oblivious to the fact that I will face many hardships as I go along.

A picture of me two years ago. I look so young *^*

Fast forward to the present, new company, new people and new love life. As I compare myself to the person I was, I begin to notice a significant difference in the way that I view things. I was a weakling before. By weakling I mean that I was afraid to take risks and always go with the flow. I always look around other people and follow them. I tend to always be what people call "normal". I do not dare go past those boundaries. For me before, normal = cool. I was contented  living in my comfort zone. I shy at other people and don't talk much. (maybe people I met before thought that I was an imbecile -_-#).

Today, I believe that I'm stronger now. Whatever decisions I have made in the past, right or wrong, I regret nothing. Those things taught me many things in life and made me the way I am today.Those things made me stronger. So far, I'm happy where I am at. Though of course, I still want to continue changing for the better. :) (as the saying goes, change is an ongoing process ;) ) Though think my childish ways will never leave me, but at the very least, I can act mature and be responsible for my actions :) Also, I was such a tomboy back then and now I want to change that :p I want to be a girly girl too. (I'm a late bloomer I know :/ ) I realized  I'm not getting any younger and so I have to live life at its fullest. Make memories, travel the world, explore new things, conquer each passing day and be victorious while you still can! Enjoy your youth while you still have it. In the future, you can share the things you learned with your children.

A current picture of me. Just barely a week old. That is not actually a lost tooth.  I have braces.
The world as i see it now is ripe and ready for the taking. You just have to have enough drive and effort to grab it. opportunities come and go so grab them while they are still within your reach.


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