Thursday, February 7, 2013

0 Love is in the Air

It's february again, the so called "love month". Here and there, you can see restaurants, shops, sweetshops and other specialty stores offering valentines promos. If you have a special someone, surely you will be exited now, thinking where you and your sweerheart are going to spend valentines day ( especially if you are a girl ) More pressure to the guys :P lol But for those of us that are currently single, times like these can bring on a lot of pressure: pressure to find someone to date, pressure to let out feelings be known to our crushes, pressure to find someone to be with so that we wont be alone and not be the laughing stock of our friends.

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In the pursuit of wanting someone, sometimes we look for someone to love just for the sake of having someone around. We sometimes fail to see the whole point of being in a relationship. We look for completeness in other people and if you feel that they cant complete you, you break up with that person and look again for someone to complete you. The cycle goes on and on.

You might ask what is wrong in this equation? that this trial and error thing is what is normally done these days, right? Wrong. You see, you cant find completeness in another person. Only out heavenly father can complete us.

as by pastor Dennis' blog, and i quote:

Dont enter a relationship wanting and broken. Enter a relationship as a person who is complete - a person who has a lot to give because he is full of God's love and asurance.

During this season, let us evaluate ourselves: our goals, intentions and values, if what we are doing is in sync with what God wants us to do.

Remember this though:

men: pursue your women! treat her like the princess that she is.

Women: you are made to be pursued. Not the other way around. God designed us this way. 

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