Sunday, February 24, 2013

0 there's just something about you

There's just something about you
that draws me in
I can't quite placate
what that something is though

your quiet nature
the way you view things
such mystery you hold
it draws me in

you're quite secretive
penny for your thoughts?
i want to know you more
you draw me in

first time I saw you
I find you kinda interesting
I was shy back then
but you draw me in

now were on speaking terms
i fear you'll find out
but I'm a good actress
you simply draw me in

this is not a poem
it has no rhyme
just a play of words
to express feelings I have inside

I know you and me will never be
who am I kidding, not you maybe
but this I hope and hope I must
let me be a friend whom you can trust

in the end im not quite sure if this really is a poem
or just some random babble, i can't decide though
just like my feelings towards you
there's just something about you

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