Sunday, April 7, 2013

0 Hearts and Flowers

Its this time of the year again. Well, I actually don't see the point of Valentines. Maybe its just a marketing strategy cooked up by some company before to sell flowers, chocolates, balloons, or whatever token people usually give to their crush, loved one or special someone. You can give flowers to your loved one anytime of the year if you really appreciate her. (I think him in this context is not correct. Its usually the guys giving to the girls. lols. but whatever floats your boat. Its up to you.) Why February 14th? It just  ruins the sense of everything. Guys are pressured to give something to their girlfriends because they know that the other half is expecting. It's becoming more of a pissing contest. (For the girls also, mind you.) Pabonggahan ng natanggap na regalo. Wouldn't it be better if you received something on a day that no one receives something? Mas agaw eksena yun. You would feel more special. Just my thoughts though.

Also, whats with the flowers?? I appreciate flowers on a pot. alive. Cut flowers only last a couple of days. If the love of your partner is like the gift he will give you, doesn't that mean that his love will fade instantly? If I would receive something, I want to receive something tangible. Cards and letters are the best. Something that the guy actually worked hard for, gave a lot of effort and is romantic. Not just something bought in a shop. Expensive gifts don't amuse me. I don't care if its just some cheap pad paper, bond paper etc. as long as put effort in that gift, I would treasure it. As the saying goes, its the thought that counts. Plus, I'm not that comfortable carrying flowers around. (Yes I'm still straight!) I don't want attention. Though, there are times that I want to feel special too but please, not on Valentines.

One thing I admire about my parents is that in every occasion, valentines, wedding anniversary, or birthday, they always give each other cards. Usually the one bought at bookstores but they always make sure that the message in the card is what they really want to say to the other and that they always put a dedication on the blank side, usually some sweet nothings. You see, my father is not the type of person who shows emotion much (*ehem* may pinagmanahan) but during those times, he never fails to make my mother feel special. I only saw him give my mother flowers once. Not the extravagant flower arrangement type, but just a simple single-stem red rose. He had it delivered to our home. Maybe he also don't want to be seen holding flowers? haha. I guess I got that from him too.

So yeah, that sums up my thoughts about valentines. EFFORT goes a long way. So does cute panda stuffies, panda trinkets, etc. :)

Update: this was meant to be a valentines post. I just forgot to publish. This was a realization I had during the 'love' month. This is not be being bitter, its just me being myself. Then again, why am I explaining myself? This is my blog and I can post whatever I want. bwahaha *evil laugh*

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