Saturday, April 13, 2013


ball of fire, present every night
come fill me up with your wondrous light
take me to a place for you and me
excite in me feelings just for you only

you amaze me with your subtlety
I am enthralled by you only
such power and might you possess
yet humble and simple still, you are

slowly, surely, slowly as i watch
your amorous ascent towards the sky
why you captivate me is still a mystery
but thats the truth, no use denying it

you control the tides of my emotions
 high tide, low tide, high tide, low tide
such extremes, still, im captivated
im caught, like a moth to the fire

why so elusive? im caught but im not sure
will it be just like the last, or will this last?
just like the different phases you have
is this just a phase? just something that will pass

as I gaze upon you, ive seen different sides
Sides I didnt know you possess inside
so near yet so far, i can hardly reach through you
is it fate that I can just watch you from afar?

The poem was you
watashi no yue desu

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