Tuesday, April 2, 2013

0 Why

why do i even try?
i know what the outcome will be
the all too familiar feeling
void of any emotion
nothing but numbness
well, after all the pain gripping your heart will the numbness come..
sometimes I wonder why I put myself in situations like this..
or maybe this is just destiny playing with me?
It's this cycle again..

please get out of my mind,.
the moment i wake up,
thoughts of you keep flooding me
as the day progresses, your face will suddenly jump out of nowhere..
there are times when your face brought a smile to my face
and there are times that it delivered gloom..

i know this is not good..
but what can i possibly do?
that you will be interested in me
is like winning the lottery
a one-in-a-million chance
thats what it will be

why did that ever happened?
it just left me more confused..
in the end I have no choice left..
but to sit back and just wait

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