Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Sometimes I wonder if its really alright to invest so much feelings toward other people. You see, they have a tendecy to either leave you, hurt you, use you or make you feel like crap. You invest so much feelings but in the end, all is vain. Or it is possible that im just too trusting, always looking at the good in every person that sometimes people take advantage of me. I know that they cant take advantage of me if I dont allow it but... yeah.. okay.. its my fault.. its just that if I trust you, and you have proven to be trushworthy, I will be our friend to the end of time. I have a few people who knows the real me and i love these people dearly.

I have this dangerous combination: I easily fall in love and if I do, I fall really really hard. I guess that is also a problem.. i let emotions take control of me sometimes. Rational thinking be damned! Its not like I dont know what is right from wrong, its just that sometimes I compromise. Wait, let me change that, I compromise.. a lot.. I really need to change that attitude of mine. It makes things complicated.

I admire strong women who are comfortable on their own. They dont need the male species to be happy. Recently, I've been enjoying being single, just taking care of myself. Thinking about no one for a change,.. but there are times that I miss having someone to take care of.. having someone to take care of me.. to be his princess,, i miss having someone tell me that everyhing is alright.. of having the feeling that no matter what happens, there is that one person who will understand me,. who will be with me through whatever.. who will never leave my side.. who will hold my hand and hug me.. someone who will make me feel secure.. and these are those times...

in the end, i think that we should give our trust fully to others. If they broke your trust, hen its their problem. at least you cant blame yourself. You gave your best to keep your friendship.

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