Friday, March 29, 2013

0 Good Friday

bits and pieces of what transpired this good friday.

I woke up at around 6 in the morning with thoughts of running in greenhills. Figured that it was still early to go out ( I will run alone so I was kinda scared to go out :P ) so I slept again.

woke up at around 8 in the morning. Perfect time. Got up, prepared and went out the door.

Normal route was take a jeepney to wilson, jog from wilson to greenhills then run around depending on my mood how many times then jog from greenhills to wilson and ride a jeepney home.

As I think I mentioned in my other blogpost, running makes me think about many things in my life and also get a glimpse of what people are doing in their everyday lives.

Thought number 1:

because lately I have been used to running at night, I had no idea that the sun at 8am can be so hot. And I'm not being maarte here. I used to run before at 8am and the sun is not that hot. by hot here im not saying about the tolerable-healty-for-your skin hot. more like the 12nn-skin-cancer-nakakaitim type of hot. At 8AM! what happened? because of summer? global warming? ozone layer thinning and thinning by the minute? imagine what will happen 10 years from now? extreme hotness? ookayy.. panic mode here.. brain turned on hyperdrive. seriously though, by the trend we are seeing, it is definitely getting hotter and hotter as the years go by. what will happen to our planet 5, 10, 15 years from now? will the fall of mankind start? will the earth cease to exist? will zombies begin to evolve? everything is possible right?

anyway, next time I run in the morning, I will put on sunblock. I think I turned one to two shades darker because of yesterday. Not that I care about that though. I'm more concerned about having skin cancer. and yes, thats how paranoid I am.

Thought number 2:

On the way to greenhills, many people I pass by says 'Hi' or people from cars blow their horns and smile or wave at you. Usually, I get irritated by this unwanted attention. Like, why cant people just leave me alone and get on with their lives. I had many scary stories from similar incidents so I'm still kinda scared and cautious towards people, mostly from guys.  So when this particular person greeted me, I was surprised because I had this sudden urge to smile at him. Like someone was telling me to do that. That person was a security guard from Greenhills west by the way. So when I smiled at him he said 'jogging maam? ingat po kayo.' I was speechless. so I just nod and said thanks. In that incident, I realized that generalizing or stereotyping people is not healthy. Why avoid people because of just one, two or three incidents that happened? incidents that made you lose hope in mankind altogether. Everyone is different. Because of avoiding people due to past incidents, you also lose the chance to meet good people. People that will change your thinking about the negativity of people.

Because of that particular incident, I'm now trying to be more open towards other people. Of course, you still need to be cautious because you may never know. baka pakitang tao lang ang pinapakita sayo. Still, just try to give your trust on others more. :)

Thought number 3:

Good friday. best day to reflect about your spiritual life. where am I with my relationship with my Heavenly Father? Am I living my life according to His purpose in me? Am I being a good example to other people and do they see God in my life? I know I'm not perfect. Well, nobody is. But I'm trying my best. Still, I think what I'm doing now is not enough. Sometimes I fail and give in and let negative thoughts to permeate through my brain. Sometimes getting the best of me. But I know that God is with me and never will He abandon me or forsake me. Thats how much He loves me, His daughter, His princess.

More or less, these are the things that occupied my mind during good friday.

Ending this post with a resolution to be more positive towards everything. :)

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