Saturday, March 30, 2013

0 The 2000php Baler Challenge

Last March 23-24, me and my office mates decided to go to Baler for the weekend. One of them initiated this challenge- to spend only 1500Php in Baler all in all. Me having gone there once, (and know more or less what we will do, budget and all, *wink* ), opted for the 2000Php challenge.

Baler has a special place in my heart so I know I will always go back there. twice in less than 6 months! imagine! :)

Will write a more detailed blog post about baler but for now, here is a detailed breakdown of our expenses:


Fare from Cubao to Cabanatuan (Aircon)  -------   185.00 Php
Fare from Cabanatuan to Baler (Non-AC)  -------   176.00 Php
Brunch in stopover 278.00 Php 69.50 Php
Tryke from Bus station to  Resort 45.00 Php 11.25 Php
Room good for 4 persons 2000.00 Php 500.00 Php
Baler tour 800.00 Php 200.00 Php
Dinner     325.00 Php 65.00 Php
Socials after dinner   210.00 Php 52.50 Php 
Bfast at Bays Inn - Buffet
150.00 Php
Lunch   300.00 Php 75.00 Php
Fare from Baler to Cabanatuan (Aircon)  -------   247.00 Php
Fare from Cabanatuan to Shaw Blvd  -------   196.00 Php

1927.25 Php


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