Friday, March 29, 2013

0 Waiting For You

I will wait for you.. and i will wait patiently..
I know you are just around the corner. Maybe we have already met, maybe not.
In God's perfect time, I know we will eventually be together.
He is currently writing my love story, the most perfect love story for you and me.
I know when we get together, everything will fall in to place.
No complications and issues whatsoever.
may our love story be like ruth and boaz, jacob and rachel, 
so sweet and true till the end of time.
You will be that someone who brings me closer to Him.
Jesus will be the center of our relationship.
I am trying to remain pure and holy only for you
 and I know everything is all going to be worth it.
Cause when the time comes that you will bring me to the altar, 
you will face it with your head held high.
though there are times when things get compromised, but with God's grace, 
I was able to make it by somehow.

To you who is the one for me, if you seek Him, and found Him, He will definitely give you the keys to my heart.

So for now, may my love not awaken until it so desires, until you and i are ready,
ill be here waiting for you patiently..

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