Friday, March 29, 2013

0 Child's Play: valentines 2013

Valentines 2013 is the first valentines after 6 years that I get to spend as single. I've been with relationship after relationship that I got used to having a special someone around for valentines. This year is different: I have no one to spend it with. But you see, God has this special sense of humor. God made me realize that love has many other forms. that it is not only for your special someone, better half, boyfriend or whatever you want to call them. Love is a general feeling, emotion or affection you share with other people: even strangers.

February 14, 2013. Me and my office mates decided to go to UP fair. The line-up that day was sooo gooood! up dharma down, urbandub, kamikazee, itchyworms, giniling festival, moonstar 88, sandwich, franco and ang bandang shirley, they had me at Up dharma down. :) Feb 14 is a working day so unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, we left the office late, around 9pm. + travel time and all, we arrived there at around 11PM. Long story short, when we arrived, the tickets are already sold out. :( We tried looking for scalpers at the front gate but sadly, none could be found.

Crestfallen, we decided to just stay for a while and think of what to do next. That was the time I spotted this little girl playing in the field. See picture below. haha :)

 Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

I saw her playing with her toy and had this urge to get to know her. I went up to her and asked for her basic information. Her name, where she lived, and why is she there. (It was12MN and she is outside. alone.) after all the introductions done, we just played with each other. we played with her toy, (second picture from here. dunno what its called. :) ) we played tag, and laughed to our hearts content. As I was playing with her 2 other kids came to us - one was her brother.

Children playing
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Playing with these kids made me miss being a child again. Just enjoying what life has to offer, not caring about anything else. As we grow older, we think of many other things that we think are essential in our everyday lives but upon closer introspection, those essential things are just trivial matters.

Photo Credits: 
Daryl Lapuz

Eventhough we were not able to go in the fair and watch the bands play, I still had a lot of fun. I might say that Valentines 2013 is the best valentines I had so far. :) God really moves in mysterious ways.

Raphael again
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Kim and Raph
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Me with Kim
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

The overpriced heart shaped balloon. lol. But its worth it. made a kid smile. that is priceless.
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Kim and her toy
Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

Photo Credits: Daryl Lapuz

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